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Heimdal App for Solar Tracker Control

app icon The Heimdal application for Apple iOS and Android allows users to access systems controls and monitoring information for systems built with FXCX2, SCX2, and Watchdog2™ products from The use of a smartphone creates another dimension in controlling and monitoring trackers and other systems while in the field. Local Wi-Fi access enables the phone touch to discover and communicate with solar tracker, solar thermal, and wind systems. The portable devices leverage the Valhalla server to gather and display the relevant information. The iOS app is available as a download to users for a nominal fee to recoup the cost of listing the application in the iTunes App Store. The Android app is available for free on Google Play.

Download on the iTunes App Store

Android app on Google Play


  • Monitor wind, solar hot water or solar PV systems.
  • Control tracking systems as well as pumps and relays for solar hot water.
  • Works anywhere where a wireless network connection is present.
  • Provides information for technicians who want to know what systems are doing when walking through a field.

joystick screen tracker status screen screenshot of tracker list