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Star Symbol Lauritzen Solar Tracker Control Systems is using calculated solar positioning and can operate all tracker types.
Star Symbol Long life reliability is a matter of component selection criteria and design methodology.

Star Symbol Solar trackers come in many different configurations, and it can be difficult to match a tracker to a given controller. The first step to consider is the tracker site:
  • Small; a stand-alone tracker application is typically where one or two trackers are constructed at one site. The controller software is configured for each tracker to be autonomous.

  • Medium; a tracker farm is the construction of multiple trackers at one site. A master controller is used to manage a domain of slave control systems.

  • Large; for large commercial or utility scale fields, multiple master controllers will be used to manage multiple domains.

Star Symbol There are three dominant solar tracker types:
  • Single-Axis tracker where the axis is typically in the North/South direction. Some sites may be geographically restricted such that the axis may have a yaw-offset. Today, single axis trackers are classified as either:

    • A Row-Tracker is a single row moved by a single actuator.

    • A Block-Tracker is single large actuator linked to multiple rows.

  • Dual-Axis trackers come in two types:

    • Traditional Azimuth and Elevation axis

    • East/West-Roll and North/South-Tilt axis

Star Symbol Finally, there is the actuator motor types such as:
  • Low power, up to 100W, 24VDC, or sometimes 12VDC, motors.

  • Medium power, up to 250W, 24VDC

  • High power, up to 10KW, 480VAC/3ph

Regardless of the solar tracker type and field, Lauritzen Solar Tracker Controllers can always be used.