EX3 - Triple Single-Axis Tracker Controller


The EX3Px platform is designed specifically to serve the solar industry for large scale single-axis solar row-tracking applications. Together with an external Variable Frequency Drive, it can also be used to drive a single block tracker. It is compact and component count has been reduced to the absolute minimum while maintaining all features required of a tracker controller.

Feature list:

  • Tracking based on calculated solar position.

  • Triple external inclinometer inputs.

  • 12-24VDC operating voltage.

  • Support for up to 240W DC motors with smooth start and stop.

  • Short circuit detection and thermal management.

  • Integrated Battery Management System.

  • Intra-field communication via Modbus/RS485 or wireless.

  • Remote management via Master controller.

  • Support for local Master Stop switch.

Software Options:

  • TMEX – Modbus slave

  • TWEX – Wireless slave