Solar Tracker Master Controller Software

The Solar Tracker Master Controller, together with a collection of Solar Tracker Slave Controllers, offers an ideal solution for the combination to be used in commercial solar tracker fields where multiple trackers are deployed. Each controller, including the master unit, can manage one, two or three trackers depending on controller type.

The Master Controller Software incorporates two software packages in one:

  1. A solar tracker controller module, and

  2. A field management module.

The solar tracker module is nearly identical to the one found in the SCX standalone system, including fault handling. The field management module incorporates field management such as:

  • Distribute weather, and manual storm/clean events from master to field.

  • Being able to place individual trackers on standby.

  • Collect and relay operational-data and event packages to remote server.

  • Relay or distribute remote server’s field commands.

  • Provide gateway connection for real-time diagnostic console access.

  • Field wide software updates

Depending on the layout of a solar tracker field, it may be difficult to route an Ethernet connection to a tracker containing a master controller. In that case, a Master Controller configured as a Gateway may be used. The unit is typically located along the field periphery, or adjacent to a central inverter. A Gateway Master Controller can connect to 25 units, whereas we Master Controller operating its own tracker may connect to 24 slave units.

Field maintenance is easily done via local master controls such as:

  • Force trackers into Clean position.

  • Force trackers into Storm position.

  • Force trackers in Service Mode.

A Master Controller may operate autonomously without use of a network/Ethernet connection, or it may be connected to the Lauritzen Valhalla server for remote monitoring and control. When connected to the server, interval captured data, events and status is periodically transported to the server for further analysis.