Dear Congresswoman Eshoo

Dear Congresswoman Eshoo,

Having read your Mountain View town hall summary, it came as a surprise to me that Climate Change was not discussed, and I decided to attend your Redwood City TH meeting. Again I was most disappointed by the absence of CC. Regrettably, I was not given an opportunity to speak.

I will not waste much time about the urgency of this matter other than to say that the outlook to recover from CC is most distressing.

CC is by no means a new concept. It was well understood at the international level through the 1990 IPCC report. Yet, we have decided to ignore the issue. As a generation, we have utterly failed to take action. Even when we had a presidential candidate like Hillary Clinton who suggested that we can address the issue by installing millions of solar panels, I  cringe. She failed to understand the issue. In fact, it was not until I recently heard the new EU president, Ursula von der Leyen, speak in Brussels, that I finally heard a top politician that ranked and addressed the issue as it should – the number one priority issue!

You may feel at loss as to how to address the topic. That is understandable. But it simply cannot be swept under the rug for another day. It must be brought out at every opportunity, and people must be reminded.

Yours sincerely, Mogens Lauritzen, 1725 Pilgrim Ave, Mountain View

Did you know?
1) There are strong links between the Syrian civil war and their prior failed crops which uprooted the farming population.
2) The dry belt in Central America have been experiencing severe drought which is forcing people into already congested cities, and ultimately up to our border?
3) Yes, sea level rise can be predicted, and one can estimate the economic impact. But we fail to understand the tremendous migration problems that will occur. Do we stop caravans of people from Phoenix, or Las Vegas because we too don’t have spare water? Not to mention the ever international migration and refugee severity.
4) Installing a few more solar panels will not solve our problem. Our entire energy infrastructure must be changed.
5) Our current lifestyle is squanderous, and not sustainable. Weekly cross country commuting included!
6) The recent Nobel prize winners in economics advocated a 100% refundable CO2 fee as the best way to address CC.

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